Mo Green Juice

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The Benefits of Mo Green Juice:

It’ll boost your immune system AND our inner guidance system.

Immune System – It helps to keep and maintain a healthy terrain, our gut.  It cleans it up and keeps it in a healthy ph state.  Our juice keeps away, colds, flu, and diseases: bad ones that can kill and general life long ailments.  Keeping our gut clean and clear, with juice is easy, compared to the array of drugs that are ingested as a band-aide to health.

Inner Guidance System – is our intuition.  Yes, juice helps to clear the gut to the point of when you get a “gut-feeling” you’ll follow it.  It’ll be clean and clear enough to put yourself in a place of allowing all that is good for you to come to you.

Juice for Your Brain – The gray mass in your head AND the brain of your gut.  God food/Mother Natures Food– All that comes from the earth, but doesn’t come in a box, bag, can or container.   Humans are the great experiment to see if we could stay connected to our source, our passion, ourselves.  Now, it’s time to get back to basics.  God food, Mother Nature’s garden of daily green juice.


PopShop likes to keep it clean and green and doesn’t hurt when that also means cute packaging too! Check them out at PopShop Market at Yale on April 27th.

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